My vision includes pointing towards an idea different from what is immediate to the eye. I am not so much interested in the actual image but in what it can be turned into or what feeling the right composition can evoke. This also applies to my written work. It's the narration and what it brings, not the truth or the lack of it, that moves and motivates me. The choice of medium depends primarily on mood and inspiration, available materials, setting and time.

This website is a presentation of my work, but search and you'll find that I occasionaly collaborate with other writers and artists, who have contributed to the Poetry Issues project. Here you will also find a list and brief descriptions of the exhibitions I have participated in with my work since 2012. If you'd like a more factual approach to who I am and what I do, you can check my LinkedIn profile.

I hope you'll find expression and inspiration in what you read and see here.


Credits: For this website we have used the template JF Creativia, by joomfreak. Thank you!

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