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Our lost babies – Mirrors


Part I of poetry issues #26 comprises the poem "Our lost babies" and the assemblage piece Mirrors. A "lost baby" is anything we dreamt of and didn't flourish, everything we strived for but lost in the end. Creation and loss are main themes in this piece, but closely connected to letting go and moving on.

Mirrors is a larger assemblage piece (95x60), the first one in a series of worlds. Every box is its own small world but they are all connected and constitute a single piece, like a mind with its several thoughts and ideas. 

For the first time I've included an audio file of the poem. Some people claim that poetry is meant to be read, as it was done originally. I do not necessarily agree. However, it is another dimension and a different sort of experience:





Poem and artwork

For more detail:


You can read more about the poetry issues project here.



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