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This piece is part of a larger collaborative work, an interactive, infrastructure-related installation soon to be presented in the upcoming xpub group exhibition (27-30 June, S/ash Gallery, Rotterdam). I also like it as a stand-alone piece, so this is how I present it here. (Images and details regarding the installation will follow in another post.)

The poem is performative (improvisational reading) and list-based, simulating computerized speech: a form fitting the content.


Infrastructure Infrastructure Infrastructure


roads railways

bridges tunnels

water supply sewers

electrical grids telecommunication

do you communicate?


internet connectivity

do you feel connected?

commodities interrelated systems

services essential to enable sustain or


societal living conditions


do you feel enabled? do you feel sustained?

do you feel enhanced?


hard infrastructure

physical networks

necessary for the function of a modern

industrial society

roads bridges railways


soft infrastructure



parks and recreation

law enforcement emergency services


Emergency Emergency Emergency




base framework

infrastructure as in foundation

noun strong matches footing groundwork

root support

do you feel supported? who do you support?

do you feel rooted? who do you root for?









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