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tinder date

tinder date
tinder date

More on the playful than the profound side, using the same superficiality that it comments upon, "tinder date" is the result of careful observation of the online dating world. I view my character with empathy, but of course my viewpoint is almost never a flattering one.

My tinder date

I shaved my balls

I rode my horse

I did my best

She never came

Now who will save me?

This project ends the 26th volume of poetry issues and the poetry issues project itself comes to an end. A new cycle begins, of course, but as I am turning artistically towards more three-dimensional representations of the text and as every visual and every text project become intertwined, I feel that they grow on their own and not as part of a bundle. I want to give them thus the right to exist more than ever apart from each other.


assemblage collage and poem


If you are curious, you can read more about the poetry issues project here.

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