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learn to listen

learn to listen
learn to listen

Another little boxed world. Boxes represent the confines of our existence, largely but not exclusively within society. I always try to combine playfulness with profound themes, as I believe that this playfulness speaks directly to the core of our existence, to an inner child.

Visually, technological elements (ear pods, antennas, chips) are juxtaposed to the actual act of listening, and finding meaning, while strong words demand individually and as a whole our attention.

The text of this piece is composed of found material from the text that accompanied Gernot Wieland's video Turtleneck Phantasies (2022) at Kindl – Center for Contemporary Art, Berlin. The video-art piece was highly inspirational and much of this inspiration was transferred to the text describing it. I took pieces of it and made something new, opening up the dialogue.


Learn to Listen


second skin

what remains?


a kind of obsession

protective remembrance


texts and drawings


dance, the absurd moments

The ubiquitous presence

all the little forms

traumatic experiences


I have phantasies

and (mostly illegible)

little attention.


What stories do I tell myself

unheard, and forgotten voices

possible ways of returning to the centre


a serious shipwreck

whose stories are told

dedicated to the murmuring, the illegible, the unspeakable,


In other words



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