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"Stubborn" is a commentary on roles, contemporary life, love and how looking up to someone shapes us. I enjoyed how the composition came together, through a mix of loose ideas and experimentation, and the result is highly personal but in certain ways also bigger than a mere obituary to a god or a father.




Dear father,

I am very ambitious

as I was made in your image and likeness.


It is true

that my goal is

to be successful in life


just as you wanted me to be


but my success is divided into late mornings

and long nights

into loves not watered down into potentials

patience, expectations and compromise.


Dear father,

I am living in a garden of steel

when all I ever wanted were flowers

and interactions free of roles:

Skirts and pants united.


I wanted to be rich

but my non-accumulative currency would be

the primary formation of meaning –

experience, as a principle.


For you, dear father, I still want to be

the perfect son

although I was born

a stubborn daughter.




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